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Cakes with 2D and 3D Designs
Sculptured and Handmade Marzipan Models
Here are just some examples of our creations, click to enlarge.  

Chocolate Designs
Drawing Cakes
Chocolate Artworks

Sculptured Cakes

3D Dolls


All of our cakes are made fresh to order.
Avoid disappointment by ordering your cake allowing as much notice as possible.


Sculptured Designs

You are a Star


Cow Birthday

Yin Yang

Yin Yang





Figures 1
accompanied with handmade marzipan
3D Bears

Min order - 3 kgs

Figure 21

Min order - 6 kgs

Grand Piano

Diamond Anniversary

3D Marzipan Designs


Sleeping Baby



Bears Celebration

Doggie Presents


Singing Choirs

2D or 3D Chocolate Designs

White Bear


Lots of Love

Special Order:
Mahjong Carrot Cake - Size : 9" x 9" Square
Wt: 3 kg
Price: SGD 95.00 (include chocolate art work)

Full Chess Set complete with
12" by 12" Dark Chocolate Fudge Cake
Wt : 4.5 kg
Price : SGD 180.00 (include chocolate art work)

2-Tier Cake

Mins order 4 kgs

Chocolate Fudge -2 kg
(bottom tier)
Carrot Cake - 2 kg
(top tier)

Order can be customised


Musical Abstract



3D Jenny


3D Bears

Baby 1st Month

Musical Guitar

Simply Floral


Bears with Balloons


Longevity - Sitting under a Tree

Racing Cars

Green Catepillar - Carrot Cake

Side Floral

Full of Roses 3D Piano

Rose Garden

Truffle Bowl

Modern Dance

Chocolate Roses


2D Chess

Chocolate Curls

Christmas Tree

Christmas Choir


Chess Set complete
with Cake



Roses Bouquet

Ribbon Cake

2007 Happy New Year

White & Milk Truffles

Filigree Truffles


Cutie Caterpillar

Vanity Set


Golf Bag

Musical Notes



With effect from 1 August, 2008, delivery is only available on Saturday and Sunday. There will be no delivery during weekdays.

All the cakes featured in our Cakes with 2D or 3D Chocolate Decorations have an additional charge
which depending on the intricacy of the design and time taken. Please call for a quotation.

Please note that each of our cakes is uniquely designed and that the actual design may vary slightly from those shown on our website

Please call or SMS us at (65) 9736 3932 or email to to enquire at least 5 - 10 working days in advance.

All orders will be confirmed by an email. Kindly book ahead to avoid disappointment.


Please be advised that we do not accept orders for character cakes or copyright designs.
However, we would be pleased to create a design just for you !



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